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Dy. Gen. Manager (Personnel)- Asea Brown Boveri Ltd., Maneja, Baroda

What did you expect from this programme ?

 Well ! we knew that some benefits would be there particularly for
 building a new team.

And after the programme, your comments, Sir !!

We had lot of surprises. The results were 100% more than our expectations. Our management trainees felt good, they felt more close to each other. The difference in routine In house  training and Anubhuti's out-of-doors was palpable, tangible. Team building through in-house  training takes a long time - but here the impact on team building was tremendously effective.  The participants did talk of self realization but that is an individual feeling. They told me that  the out-of-doors exercise and rock climbing has increased their sessions were excellently timed and very well conducted.

The structure and design of this programme satisfied our high intellectual group of  management trainees and motivated them for team building.

Asea Brown Boveri Limited
Maneja, Vadodara-390013

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