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Beena Handa - Vice President, H.R.D ...Year 2000

Anubhuti helped to remove the mask. Now, I believe that I can do all
the things I think of....  I can give up fear.
I possess skills like sensitivity and good communication. I learnt that the group liked me as a person and cared about me.  I can transfer my learning's to improve speed and decision making.
Anubhuti achieves the objectives to be yourself and learn more about yourself,  very good time management and excellent programme design.

Shyam Sharma - Sr. Manager, H.R.D

 I like Anubhuti    I experienced Anubhuti.....    I liked experiential learning as there was no  theory.   Enjoyed all creative exercises,  trekking,  rock climbing,  most fulfilling part of this  programme    I did free myself to experience my way. The programme gave a space of being.
 Anubhuti made me realize that I can do any job and task. I possess skills like human relations,  effective communication. Also, I learnt that I am humane and approachable. I can transfer my  learnings to improve self and others.
 Anubhuti achieved its objectives of Team building and Motivation with good time management,  training design and reading material.

My slogan for team : Together Everyone Achieves More.

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