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   We had organized a programme on Experential learning with the help
of Shri Mukesh Mehta, Anubhuti Consultants, Baroda from 12th to
14th of November 1998 at Junagar hills. The programme had been
highly appreciated by all the participants ( 14 participants ). This
programme had been synergy to our team and contributed at large to
team building process. This programme built a positive vibrant culture. The participants were of the opinion that such programmes should also be organized for their HOD's so that real team building process could be built up.

Shashikant Upadhyay - Dy. GM, H.R.D

   I experience that I CAN can do Anything . I possess skills like empathy, leadership and good decision making. I learnt that I can give up being non-assertive. I can transfer all  learnings to improve my personal and professional life. Faculty is always enthusiastic, energetic and effective. Mukesh confronts with care.

Devendra Mathur - General Manager, Finance

   The Programme design is very good, training objectives of team building and motivation achieved by thefaculty in short time with good time management. Faculty is good and knows how to build a team or group of people of different fields. A very good observer and explains things relating them with actual happenings. He is friendly, gives appropriate interventions, encouraging, assertive  vis-a-vis participants.

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