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Anubhuti is a Alive, spontaneous, innovative, customized HR Training for Group dynamics which focuses on
planning, organizing, team building and group cohesion activities. It
aims at bringing a permanent change in the participants knowledge,
skills, attitudes and social behaviour.

Anubhuti is an experiential learning approach towards self effectiveness and development to achieve Self Realization. This out-of-doors training programme demonstrates practically the mechanisms of Human Relation Building. The outcome results in a highly motivated individual who feels ready and confident.

The Human mind has unlimited capabilities. At Anubhuti camp participants undergo a unique experience. Self Awareness is increased through Self Analysis and Self Reflection. An individual learns on his own and the focus is on Learning by Doing, Learning by Fun, Learning by Mistakes. During Anubhuti Human Process Laboratory {Anulok-Microworld}( T Group / Sensitivity Training ) the individual gets an opportunity to explore,reflect on ones own self vis - a - vis others. The Result : A New Person.

Also, during Anubhuti process the individual experiences-the joy of being close to nature, the journey to educate SELF expand, enjoy the fun trek, experience mobile camping, thrills of rock climbing and the exhilaration of a task well done. During the programme the individual discovers his own strength, i.e. becomes Self-Aware about potential and realizes his/her weaknesses.

Anubhuti is an Exceptional, Educational, Experience. The Motto is Arise..Awake Act!.

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