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Omnisoft Technologies,..2005... UC MAS....2006

Mr. V. K. Karia [ Regional Director ] :

Anubhuti infact has come close to our hearts now. When negative side of my nature was projected I felt, I should introspect more and see I can over came the same. Anubhuti has achieved it's objectives, programme design was very good, excellent time management.  Anubhuti experience was informative, exciting and fun filled. Mukesh is friendly, effective and energetic.

Mr. Snehal Karia
[ Director Operations ] :

 Anubhuti is a real life experience. Its a journey towards self realization, self actualization  being the destination. Anubhuti made me realize that I possess skills like humour, love,  understanding, challenging nature, enterprising. I realized that I can give up laziness,  superficial thinking, being introvert. Anubhuti has a great future Experiential Learning .....thats the Key. Mukesh is a person whom I would like to interact frequently.

Rachna Karia
[ Director ] :

 I got actual insight on how others perceive me and how I perceive life. I realized my  weaknesses. I have realized that I am responsible for my weakness. I can improve my personal  and professional life. Anubhuti programmed is for bettering and polishing your own-self.  Programme design was meticulously designed a nd well planned, excellent time management.  Facilitator is friendly, provides appropriate intervention, empathetic, transparent,  encouraging, good observer and assertive vis-vis participants.

Megha Karia [ Director ] :

Anubhuti encouraged me to believe - Yes , I can do lots of things in life which I never had done. I realized that I posses skills like good communication and good memory. I realized that I can give up anger and very loud voice. Facilitator is very encouraging, good leader and can handle people nicely. He confronts with care and has strong will power.

Irshad:+91-9824119855 for spontaneous feedback.

Deepa:+91-9099894464 for spontaneous feedback.

U C Mas [Regional Office]:
The Emperor, 2nd Floor,
Fatehgunj, Vadodara - 390002.
Gujarat, India.

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