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Ashwin N. Bhatt [ Director - Production ] :

Together we can and we will I learnt Lessons in punctuality, became more aware about self.

I feel I have increased my self confidence after I completed rock climbing. I can give up Laziness, Gutkha, Anger.

Bhargav Trivedi
[ Director - Admin ] :  

Increase in self awareness helped to improve strength and remove weakness. I experienced that weakness in team work leads to failure during the project given by Sir. Our understanding of team work grew. Away from the factory I experienced that there was no stress and I was totally relaxed. My colleagues made me feel that I am trust worthy and have lots of patience.    Anubhuti encouraged me to give up laziness, rigidity.

Mukesh Pandya [ Director - Marketing ] :

I improved my self confidence and felt I should not give up in the times of recession my self confidence. I have decided that I have single commitment to MBI by managing my time effectively and efficiently. I discovered that I am adventurous. I can transfer learning's to  improve myself, family and friends.

Harish Bhatt [ Director Finance ] :

I can do hard work, think of better goals, I have learnt that I am good at planning. I can give  up my anger, being biased, becoming emotional.

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