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Learnings ** I CAN Attitude **

Together We Can Together We Will

Anubhuti Self Realization in the power of human mind.

Thank You Anubhuti... We all have committed to grow together and achieve our goals.


I learnt Self Expression.

I became energetic and enthusiastic.

I can reduce and remove bad habits.

I am honest and loving.

I became more confident about myself.

I learnt that I have sharp, creative bent of mind.

I am motivator to others.

I achieved peace of mind

I learnt to relax and got relaxed.

I feel young at heart.

I can control my anger.

I can give up laziness.

I can give up anger.

I am fun loving and humourous.

I can lead them.

I am important.

I am blunt and I will have to be patient.

I discovered that I dominate everyone.

I am optimistic.

I lack confidence.

I can give up weaknesses.

I am slow.

I am Leadership material with few adjustments.

I can give up comforts.

I realized that I was dependent.

I am fit to lead.

I can trust myself and others.

I can give up smoking, hurting others.

I will spend more time with my family.

I can give up negative approach.

My parents are happy with me after Anubhuti programme.

I have patience and like to cooperate.

I can do everything and anything.

I stood first in Gujarat in Win 2000 exam.

I can give up frustrations.

I can do much more.

I prepare my lectures before my sessions.

I understand and respect others feelings.

I can give up shyness.

I have great stamina.

I have good sense of humour.

I will remove the frown on my face.

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